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The SPUDNIK is a 900mhz camera control solution developed from off-the shelf wifi HALO products and rehoused in a carbon fiber PETG case with a form factor, mounting points, power management, and antenna designed to meet the need of DITs and ACs interested in controlling their cameras over IP.

our swappable ID plates click in to place and come in a variety of colors to let you customize and label your devices. 

The SPUDNIK operates at 902-928mhz, occupying channels previously used by cordless phones that provides exceptional range and wall penetration while maintaining low latency and enough bandwith to keep an encrypted connection with the camera.


  • Small form factor: 3½" x 2⅛" x ¾"
  • Lightweight: 4oz (115g)
  • LED Indicator Lights: Power, Mode, RSSI
  • Low SWR antenna  (5½" straight, 4⅝" bent)
  • Regulated genuine 2-pin lemo port with an input voltage range from 9-45v
  • Over / Under voltage protection, reverse polarity protection
  • 2x ¼-20 Threaded mounting points with arri pin lock support
  • ¼" pass-thru bolt channel for additional mounting options

Package Includes:

    • ID plate
    • Low profile antenna
    • Stock antenna (as a backup)
    • Flat, white ethernet cable (hey it came with the box)
    • Stickers

The device can be set in RX or TX mode, and one RX can be paired with up to 4 TX units. as more TXs are added to a set, your range is reduced, with device operating in 1:1 or 1:2 (RX:TX) being optimal. Devices are paired by pressing the pairing button on both the RX and TX at the same time.  

The Main board of the SPUDNIK is a Netbridge 2.1 OEM board provided by a number of manufactuers, it is not developed by Potato Systems.

Netbridge 2.1 Features:

  • Connectivity: IEEE 802.11ah Wi-Fi Halow security protocol
  • Range: 650' - 1600' (200m - 500m)
  • Bandwith: 150Kbps - 32.5Mbps
  • Operating Temperature: -5°F-120°F (-20°C-48°C)

Please note that range will vary by your enviroment.  For optimal performance, keep devices paired in a 1:1 configuration.

There may be some variance in 3D printed parts.